Important News about Australian CitizenshipOz Migration Agent can assess your current Australian citizenship eligibility and prepare and lodge your Australian citizenship application. Parents who are Australian permanent residents usually take the opportunity to apply for Australian Citizenship for not only themselves but also for their children at the same time.

Australian Citizenship represents the greatest gift a parent can bestow upon their children.

Getting it right the first time! The Australian Citizenship application forms have more than doubled in size since 2013. Using Oz Migration Agent lets clients professionally navigate the intricacies and individual circumstances each applicant brings to the process.

Important News!

The (now) Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Peter Dutton announced in October 2017, when Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, that the Australian Government intends making a second attempt to make major changes to Australian Citizenship eligibility from 01 July 2018, such as:

  1. Increasing the number of years a person must hold permanent residency before applying for Australian Citizenship
  2. Setting an English language proficiency level for all Australian Citizenship applicant aged 18 to 60
  3. Making changes to the Test an applicant must sit for (currently the Citizenship Test)

Any person who is currently eligible, may not be eligible after 01 July 2018 due to length of their permanent residency or their inability to meet English proficiency standard.

Please contact us urgently for individual advice about your particular circumstances.


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