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Australia is a popular destination for tourists, skilled workers and migrants from all over the world. The country’s thriving economy and the beauty of its famous attractions draw in more visitors and investors every year. The quality of education offered by the schools makes Australia a perfect training ground and stepping-stone for international students.

Oz Migration Agent, a registered migration agent, offers a full range of services to help you get the visa you need to study, visit, work or live in Australia. John Corbett, a highly qualified and experienced migration agent in Brisbane, will assist you in getting approved fast.

Personalised Services

I offer affordable and personalised Australian migration and citizenship consultation to assess your eligibility and give you best option(s).

Cost Effective

I offer, in many cases, the more cost effective pathway and service than using an immigration lawyer.

Personal Experience

I utilise my personal experiences in student, parent and partner migration, assisting dozens of successful visa applicants.


We specialise in making the complex process easier for those who want to live in Australia. We work professionally and efficiently to help you get the best chance of getting approved. Talk to our Brisbane migration agent and learn how this can all be possible.

Commitment to Your Success

I personally follow-through all stages of your application, up to your visa grant. There is no contracting out to faceless others.

Tourist Visa

Are you planning to visit Australia, but worried about what seems to be overwhelming process of obtaining a tourist visa? As one of the top immigration agents in Brisbane, John Corbett will help you get approved as quickly as possible. Visitor Visa information.

Partner Visa

Say goodbye to long distance relationship. With Oz Migration Agent, you can be reunited with your loved ones soon. Allow us to show you how it’s done. Let us talk about your migration requirements and visa application over the phone. I would love to get to know you better and learn about your situation, so we can provide you with the best service possible. Partner Visa Information.

Student Visas

Focus on obtaining the degree of your choice and on achieving your goals. We will handle the paperwork so you can study in Australia legally. We are specialists in getting student visas approved. With Oz Migration Agent, you are a step closer to your dream of obtaining a diploma or degree in one of the schools and universities in Australia. Study Visa information.

Employment Visas

Are you a skilled worker looking for employment opportunities in Australia? Perhaps you got a job offer from an Australian company. You need an employment visa to work legally in the country. Oz Migration Agent specialises in temporary and permanent visas. We will help you find the visa pathway that matches your skills and competencies. Work Visa information.

Australian Visa Types & Citizenship

Visitor Visas

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Work/Employment Visas

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Study Visas

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Partner Visas

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Family Visas

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Spousal Visas

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All types of permanent and temporary visas including: Student, Partner, Parent, Child, Employment, Skilled, Business, Protection, Tourist, Working Holiday

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